Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Time...Practice Cards

Every year is different of course, but it has come down to this...I'm going to stay happy while teaching, so it's time for the kids to have more practice. Too often we get to this point and are frustrated because Sam isn't following the directions, or he keeps blurting out the answers while others are thinking.

Practice cards are the next step in a list of things that fill the WBT teachers back pocket. Check out our website for more on this, but I'm here to tell you tomorrow will be a great day for the kids and me. You see, I don't need to get mad, frustrated, red in the face...they just need to practice more. They practice at recess and then we send home a note that helps them practice more at home.

I remind them that they are not in trouble, they just need more practice! This way we all get what we want.

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  1. If they need to practice Rule 4 say, what does the practice look like at recess? They just practice saying the rule and doing the action? Just want to make sure I understand! Do you always wait until January to start practice or can you start sooner like 2nd quarter?