Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Challenging Kids will always be around!

My friends, I can't tell you how long it has been since I have had this many challenging kids. My colleagues look at my class and marvel at how they all got in one room! Since the year began I have quickly been indoctrinated into the world of challenging kids....more so than ever. WBT knows challenging kids so I knew that I just needed to stay the course. Let me tell you...if you have challenging kids, you have got to use the methods of WBT because there are only two things that are going to make the year a success; one...the methods of WBT and two... Love `em.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The summer is winding down and I have begun to think, 47% of my thinking, about getting right at this great job we call teaching. The summer has been filled with missions trips, house projects and gaining another teen driver.

As I get back to thinking about school, I know that the Brainies, Oral Writing, and SuperSpeed Games are going to be an even bigger part this year. Brainies set the tone for the critical thinking that we all need to be doing every day in all subjects.  Of course oral writing with the Genius Ladder will start right out of the shoot also; most likely on Day 1. SuperSpeed games supplement any required curriculum that you must use so I use them generously.

The year will start soon, but I know that with WBT on my side, nothing can stop the learning!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

7th Annual National Conference

Here we are once again in the fabulous South! The teachers have gathered at Louisiana College in Pineville, Louisiana to abosorb as much funtricity as possible. Over 1000 teachers are here learning all they can about Classroom Management, Writing and Lesson Design.

We have had some great conversations with teachers about getting kids engaged in class, writing complex sentences and setting kids up for success in the Super Improvers.

Check out #2014WBT and #WBTNation on Twitter and Instagram if you want to see some teachers having a great time.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day Two in South Africa

My friends around the US you have some competition from the teachers across the Atlantic. These South African teachers are eating up WBT in a huge way! As mentioned in other posts, they have the same problems we do in the states with poverty, challenging kids, and schools not meeting the mark. They are digging in just like we all do and they are getting the job done.

Today we spent a fair amount of time on the Triple Whammy Writing and they saw a huge need for that. They even mentioned that they could use it in their "triple naught'/ 000 classes. That is a class that is two years below kindergarten...yes they start them early here in a semi-school program that helps kids learn the basics. What a novel idea!

So we are talking about Guff today, and a teacher asks what that means. So I tell her it is when someone gives you some back talk. She responded, in her best South African accent (which to Americans is similar to British) "Oh, you mean Back Chatters!" Yes my friends, what a great phrase it is. Try it out, back chatters! Say it again with a British accent!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Lost in translation

Whenever you go to a different part of the country or world and you are presenting information that you know well, you may want to check to see if there is anything that may be said or pronounced differently. For example, I'm going through the whole Oral Writing part of WBT with a group of South African teachers and I am telling them about the three end marks that we are doing along with the gestures. I told them about the period and showed them the gesture and there were several blank stares. You know the kind, they want to be polite, but there is no comprehension going on. Soon after, a lady in the back raised her hand, and ever so politely said, "It's called a full stop here." Everyone laughed and it was quite funny. I now have a new way for the kids to learn about that back home.

Just in case you are ever South Africa, here are some phrases that you may want to know....
Robots...traffic lights
Knackered...really tired
Swim Costumes...swim suits
Bri...(long i) BBQ

Quick Jaunt to the Reserve

Have you ever wanted to sit close to wild animals and pet them? I had the rare opportunity here in South Africa today. It was an amazing time to see GOD's creatures up close and personal. The pictures don't tell it all, but they do give you some perspective. Yes I was that close....and they are real!

Headed out to a school tomorrow to talk more WBT...I'll keep you posted on how WBT works here in another part of the world!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 1 in South Africa

Today I learned many things about the nature of children. We take so many things for granted in the U.S. For example, I'm working with teachers today that can't access the internet because they are in a secluded enough location that they just aren't able. And yet...they are reaching the lives of children everyday. We can all learn from them as they struggle through the same things that other teachers across the globe all struggle with together.

They learned about the Core 4+ and the first few levels that will help them address the most pressing need that they have here in their types of schools...you'll never guess that need. Go ahead...try to guess!

OK you may have already, their most pressing need is dealing with Challenging kids! WOW...the same thing that we are facing in America and other parts of the world. We said it for awhile now, but it hit home today when I talked with these amazing teachers. Did I mention that they are all volunteers? Yes that's the best part, this is what they do because they are working so hard at making their communities better through the education process.

GOD Bless them all!