Monday, April 30, 2012

Test Taking they work?

It's been a long 4 months of prepping for the state tests...and we were ready! All of the diligent work on the kids part paid off because they sat for 2 hours and 35 minutes taking the test!! I had taken down the clocks so they couldn't tell if they were missing anything outside...I know, that was really low of me, but I wanted maximum focus. Wow did I get it! They used the strategies that we had talked about and they earned Super Improvers Stars accordingly.

Day two tomorrow and we'll go for the same result! Did I mention that I wanted them all to dress like they were going to church or a wedding? I thought that maybe the idea of dressing for success would go into their head and translate out into, "I can do anything because I look good!" We'll see how that works out...stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Super Improvers Wall...A United Class

We've seen posts about the Super Improvers Wall...but nothing could have prepared me for what I have seen in the past two months. My students are all pumped up because they are moving up the wall with the goal of becoming a Living Legend. I now have 12 students who are Living Legends...and they are so proud...and frankly, so am I!

If you're new to this concept, you must be asking what am I giving these kids to be so motivated to improve? All I am giving them is a star on a piece of paper! Yes, that's what I said...a star on a piece of paper which transfers to moving up the wall after 10 stars. These kids are working so hard to improve in all areas of school; academics, personal behavior, better writing, whatever they need.

All I can say is if your not using this, what are you waiting for?