Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Post Testing Thoughts

Well, the testing season is over and what a time it was; we all made it! During the last post, I mentioned "Dressing for Success". I felt great about this idea, but it didn't fly well with the kids. I led by example and wore a tie each day, but that is where it stopped. Maybe next year!

As I reflect on this season of testing, the only thing I can think of is...WOW...what a great time it was for the kids! They feel super successful and I couldn't be happier. Prove It! was the answer to all of the issues, along with the other test taking strategies we used. Once we were done, I took a poll about the Prove It! game to see how many kids had fixed an answer because of this checking process. Fifteen kids said that they fixed an answer after thinking through the Prove It! process. 'Nough Said!


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  5. Chris, this post really says it all, doesn't it? Awesome job! You are truly an inspiration to both your peers and your students!
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  6. I have not read or watch the WBT video about Prove It yet, but I believe it is a strategy my school adopted (that eventually filtered down to our feeder schools) about 5 years ago. Correct me if I am wrong. The kids follow a series of steps where they actually PROVE their answers within the text. We use a color coding system of highlighting and red ink. Here's the problem I have ran into though-I am now teaching kids in 6th grade that were taught this strategy in early elementary school, and they are just PLAIN tired of hearing "prove your answers" and "make sure you prove it." I still use the strategy, and I do feel the kids use it, but I wonder if we have used this too much. I plan on learning more about WBT Prove It over summer break. :)
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